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You've established your business. You've done well.


Till now.

Things that used to work, don't anymore. No longer does one thing lead to the next, taking your business to the next level.  

It feels as if you've hit a plateau. 

What if you knew what was holding you back from reaching the next level?

Doing "what you were supposed to be doing" has till now included being bold and daring, using your passion and your talents, getting out there and chasing your dreams.

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These are all necessary but now is the time to pause to reconsider what you've always thought to be true. There might be something in there that you've been missing.

This book will shed some light.

The Holes in Your Bucket

10 blind spots in your business that could be holding you back from reaching the next level

Normally sold at $19.95 + shipping, but yours for FREE

What you’ll discover in this book:

•    Ten things that you assumed you should be doing, but shouldn’t – not in the way that you thought.
•    How to extract yourself from the center of your organization without everything falling apart.
•    How to make better decisions.
•    Strategies to weave your business growth goals into your week.
•    How to make delegation work for you.
•    How to create more effective teams.
•    Why systems are your friend.

You might have suspected it, but here is confirmation: 

how you got here will most likely not get you where you want to go – unless you can change how you think about things




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"Practical & handy guide"

This book is a practical and handy guide for all small and medium entrepreneurs. I love the simple dip in and out style of it’s immediately applicable tools. Already made one small change in our firm which led to a saving of $3000 and an employee withdrawing her resignation.


Ranjini Manian

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For business owners and shareholders who have survived the start-up phase, this crisp, to-the-point and useful step-by-step guide is a must for strategy and monthly performance management sessions. The book is an easy read, and a second or third speed-read brings new insights and valuable input for systemized growth.

Dr Michélle Booysen

"A must for strategy"








3 cups


"Strongly recommended for  small business owners"

I strongly recommend this book for all small business owners. It is well thought out, easy to read and full of practical advice. I like the anecdotes that Annelize puts in (especially the one in China about a guy in the cab 😂😂😂). It also raises things that we easily ignore like scope creep. As a small business starting up, you give away a lot in the pursuit of "building a relationship". I’ve made notes and highlights all over the book. Job very well done.


Nosipho Gxumisa

3 cups


"All entrepreneurs should read this book"

I recommend all business entrepreneurs to read the book. It spoke as if it knew where I was in my business at this moment in time against all ten points. Especially the fear of task delegation or free up other tasks to a delegate and focus on marketing the business in order to scale up.


Josephine Sidambe





Right now, this is where you are probably at: your business bucket is holding water, but you suspect there are leaks. Yet, the holes aren’t obvious to you.

That is not unusual.


When driving a car, even with three car mirrors with which to check your surroundings and doing everything by the book, there is still a blind spot in your view that could mean disaster. Similarly, while working hard at business basics and doing all you should, there may be a blind spot – something that is not quite as you’d thought it was and that is causing a leak in the bucket.

To address these leaks, this book shares ideas on 10 major blind spots that every business owner experiences at one time or another. For you, it might be just one – or it might be all of them. They might all be part of the same tendency. But also realize that these blind spots aren’t mistakes. It is simply part of the transition from being a start-up to being a grown-up organisation. It requires a different way of seeing and doing things.

In the beginning years of growing a business, a lot of time is spent on putting out fires. Actions are reactive and most business owners favor the “fix-now-think-later” approach to solving problems. However, you need to start taking the longer view now.

  • It is about putting things in place so that what you do can be replicated.

  • It is about ultimately taking you out of the picture without things imploding.

  • It is about regaining some freedom and breathing space by thinking straight about the how of your organization.

  • It is about having a new perspective.


When it comes to your business, you need to be able to look at things from a different, more structured point of view if you want to step into the next phase. It is called a “Growth Systems Strategy” perspective:

  • It is a way of looking at business in an organized way that sets it up for growth and scaling up.

  • It refers to a carefully considered set of routines, practices, standards, checks and balances, woven into a system that has growth as its goal.


This book is about establishing these Growth Systems Strategies, sharing simple adjustments that you can make to seamlessly introduce structure into your business. This will:

  • address your own blind spots,  

  • plug the holes in your business bucket, and

  • help you to break into a new phase of growth and efficiency.


Once you appreciate the power of growth systems thinking, you will be in a far better position to reach new business heights.

Even if you implement only one idea from this book, you will see a difference

About the Author

Dr Annelize Booysen is a practical guide on the side to business owners. As a Growth Systems Strategist, she works with businesses to find a more structured approach to getting things done that ensures better results and reduces dependency on key team members.


A global citizen, having lived in 9 different countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe, she uses her international life experiences and a PhD in Economics to integrate ideas and bring new perspectives. She is also the founder of eXeLink®, a platform supporting SME growth by providing remote access to international business mentors.

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