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The problem with slow business growth

How we fix it

If business growth is what you are after, systems are your friends. It gives you a solid platform from which to launch your next growth phase because scalable systems bring flexibility to expand without things falling apart. Ultimately, effective structure - a set of routines, practices, standards, checks and balances, woven into a system that has growth as its goal - brings focus. And there is no doubt that focus is the one thing that brings results.

Why do we do it?

With our Growth Systems methodology we get a handle on the overflow and then create a plan to direct the flow through an integrated EFFECTIVE structure that powers business growth. Using proven techniques, you'll get a grip on your business and your progress, helping you to focus on the path ahead (and breathe again because things are finally moving forward).

It isn't about a lack. It is about having too much. Too much to do, too many ideas, too many follow ups, too many strategies to implement. There is movement. There is flow. But it is like overflowing water - unruly and difficult to get a handle on.

To learn a few Growth Systems Strategies that you can implement immediately,

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How do we do it?

We work with clients to create the structure that is right for them and that could grow with their business. We advise, design and implement, creating a workable solution that supports and promotes their vision.

Base Assessment



Growth Systems Framework

Blueprint for Implementation

Hands on design of processes and systems, woven into an integrated structure with dashboards

Embedding the structure into your business, including training, scheduling, monitoring and quarterly reviews

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Who are our customers?

Big thinking small- and medium-sized businesses aiming for the next level.

              I loved the structured thinking                    that she brought to our plans and projects as it helped us to keep the Big Picture in mind as we worked on the detail of our next steps.

Corinne Heijn, Founder and President,

UnitedSucces, The Netherlands

                Annelize brought her winning                    combination of heart and head via project management skills to our early years of business growth. She excelled in understanding the organization’s vision to empower global citizens and translated it in a practical way, connecting the dots between our diverse departments.


Ranjini Manian, Founder and Chairperson,

Global Adjustments, India

                I have had the pleasure of                        collaborating with Annelize on a number of marketing, innovation and business solution projects. She only produces “Wow” and often leaves one thinking: “Why didn’t I consider that?” This skill requires System Thinking – fueled with Zag!


Justin Siljeur, CEO, 

Pétanque NXT South Africa

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