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The aim

Case Studies

The aim

  • Wanted to streamline operations

  • Wanted to improve customer relations

  • Wanted to increase market share

A two-year old business in its initial growth phase

What we did

  • Reorganised the office layout

  • Defined responsibilities and processes

  • Introduced high-end client focussed events

  • Formalised operating standards and templates

  • Developed collatoral 

The result

  • A motivated, focused team

  • Opened offices in 3 new cities

  • 3 highly anticipated customer care events, of which one is now in its 18th year


  • Wanted structure around its volunteer programme

  • Wanted to create a motivated, reliable volunteer resource

The aim

An established enterprise with an industry presence

What we did

  • Introduced a formal induction programme

  • Created dedicated volunteer spaces 

  • Developed recruitment collateral 

  • Formalised position job descriptions

  • Developed a resource database and communication channels

The result

  • An enthusiastic volunteer base 

  • A motivated  team of employees

  • Delegation of duties

  • Maintaining of minimum operational standards

The result

An enterprise moving out of its initial development phase into a sustainable phase 


  • Wanted to get things done more efficiently 

  • Wanted a good understanding of the value it brought

  • Wanted to get a grasp of what was needed to move into the next phase

The aim

What we did

  • Developed a birds-eye view of current activities

  • Identified gaps and formulated projects to address these

  • Introduced a progress management framework 

  • Created collateral to clarify the offer

  • Introduced processes 

  • A clear picture of the focus areas required to ensure achievement of the vision 

  • A schedule of assigned action steps to address gaps 

  • An understanding of the "how" in delivering on its market promise


  • Wanted to improve debt management

  • Wanted to improve sustainability

  • Wanted to effectively manage finances

The aim

An 8 year old enterprise with established revenue streams  

What we did

  • Formalised accounting practices 

  • Developed a debt repayment strategy

  • Established cashflow management practices 

  • Refined cost estimations

  • Incorporated costing into revenue creating offers

The result

  • Complete debt settlement

  • New revenue streams 

  • Clear functional responsibilities

  • Accurate and timely insights into financial flows

A 12 year old business with mature processes


  • Wanted an effective method to convey a body of knowledge to new recruits

  • Wanted a time efficient and administratively simple solution that would incorporate proprietary information

The aim

What we did

  • Designed a learning framework

  • Developed a worshop style course

  • Recorded individual sessions

  • Created course material

  • Developed the delivery system and processes

The result

  • An evergreen on-demand induction course 

  • Course management integrated as an operational process


  • Wanted to maintain consistently high standards in its execution processes

  • Wanted to develop team members

The aim

A growing enterprise moving into a leadership position 

What we did

  • Identified current protocols and procedures

  • Established gaps to industry standards

  • Captured upgraded processes in infographic-style trainig aids

  • Conducted training sessions 

  • Monitored implementation and identified staff development opportunities

The result

  • A trained team maintaining consistently high standards   

  • Staff cohesion throught greater participation in decisionmaking

  • Improved and predictable outcomes

  • Clarity on responsibilities and roles

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